Hermosas Perlas Unidas Por El Destino

In the spring of 2017, the Alpha Sigma Chapter gained two new lovely sisters. Hermosas Perlas Unidas Por El Destino in spanish means "Beautiful Pearls United By A Destination”.

Cindy “Kuaminika” Orozco- 
Cindy is the tre of this line and is Mexican-American. Her line name is Kuaminika which is swahili for someone who is reliable and accountable. She graduated in the Spring 17 with her Bachelor’s in Business Management. She is hoping to earn her own business one day, being her own boss in her trade. 

Janeil “Leona” Birch-
Janeil is our lucky number seven of our chapter! An international student from Jamaica, she is an aspiring accountant who loves talking all things statistics and numbers. Her line name, Leona, is a true testament to her spirit and vigor she has for everything she does. Spanish for lion, she is strong, preserving, and determined.