Separadas en la Oscuridad, Juntas Creamos Luz

In the spring of 2016, the Alpha Sigma Chapter was blessed with three new additions to our legacy. Separadas en la Oscuridad, Juntas Creamos Luz means separated in the dark, together we create light. 

Tatiana "Astrea" Castro- 
Tatiana is the ace of the Spring 2016 line and is of Colombian descent. Her line name is Astrea which is the goddess of justice and means "starry one". She is an environmental studies major with a minor in interdisciplinary and museum studies. Her passion is to teach others about the environment and conservation and would like to work at a botanic garden or museum upon graduating. 

Giselle "Jelani" Colon- 
The second member of the line is Giselle. Her line name is Jelani which is Swahili and translates to "small but mighty" which is an accurate representation of her big personality. She is currently majoring in Elementary Education with hopes of becoming a kindergarten teacher. She loves all things that are music-related and she always has headphones with her. 

Kylene "Pistis" Madrigal-
Our lovely Kylene is the third member of the Spring 2016 line. She loves to spend her time traveling and volunteering. Kylene's line name Pistis signifies good faith, trust, and reliability. Kylene is of Cuban and Mexican decent and was born in Alabama. Kylene is a sophomore at FGCU and is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Latin American Studies. Her goal is to become a Veteran Psychologist.