Bellas Islas Del Mismo Mar

On May 7th, 2015 the Alpha Sigma Chapter welcomed a Revival Line: Bellas Islas Del Mismo Mar. In Spanish, this means beautiful islands from the same sea. These three women demonstrated their strength and determination as they brought SIA back to the FGCU campus. 

Sasha-Gay "Keesica" Walker
The ace of the line is Sasha-Gay Walker. Her name is Keesica which signifies uniqueness and high level of creativity. Sasha is of Jamaican and Chinese descent and as an international student, she is working towards a Biology degree, with a minor in Chemistry. She enjoys going to the beach and dancing. 

Daniela "Vermell" Armas
Our Spring 2015 deuce is Daniela Armas, or fondly known as Dani. Her line name Vermell which translate to red in Catalan. Vermell signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. Dani is a sophomore at FGCU, pursuing a dual major in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. This fiery Cuban is a lifeguard and enjoys to swim in her free time. 

Rachel "Manami" Davalos
The third and final member of the Spring 2015 line is Rachel Davalos. Like Dani, Rachel loves to swim. Her line name Manami represents her love for the ocean and sea. She is currently majoring in Biology and her goal is to continue on to dental school. Besides swimming, you can find Rachel listening to music or traveling.