Spring 2010

One May 8, 2010, our chapter welcomed its next line: Individually Unique, Together Complete. These two women demonstrated their strength and unity as they became Hermanas. 

Jessenia "Araya" Diaz - 

Jessenia is the first member of the second line, but she is actually a #2. Jessenia is Puerto Rican and Cuban. Her line name, Araya, is Arabic for a ray of hope. Jessenia's line name represents her positive outlook on life and she can bring a smile to anyone's face. Jessenia loves to travel and meet new people (especially sisters) from all over the country.

Anisha "Naimah" Rosan - 

Anisha graduated from FGCU in December 2014. She is Trinidadian and African American. Her line name is Arabic for living a soft and enjoyable life. She may seem quiet, but once you get to know her, you'll be full of laughs! Anisha enjoys all things Bollywood, dancing and turtles.