Alpha Sigma's Founding Line

In the fall of 2009, Florida Gulf Coast University felt the fire of the first and only Latina-based sorority. On November 22nd, four devoted women became Hermanas of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha Incorporada. Together, they are known as Cuatro Corazones con UN Sueno, which translates to four hearts with one dream. 

The Founding Hermanas are: 

Vanessa "Kamalika" Colon - 

Vanessa graduated from FGCU in 2010 with her Hospitality Management degree. Vanessa's line name "Kamalika" means small lotus in sanskrit. As the "ace" or first member of her line, Vanessa truly had the heart of a champion. She is a proud Boriqua!

Melissa "Nevaeh" Vasallo - 

The deuce, or second member of the line, is Melissa. Her line name is Nevaeh which is Heaven spelled backwards. Nevaeh symbolizes the endless opportunities that are available to her. Melissa is a Kingergarten teacher in Naples, FL. In 2010, Melissa earned an academic acheivement award for having the highest GPA of our national sorority. Melissa is Cuban and proud to represent the 305. 

Chelsey "Jirafa" Gutierrez - 

Chelsey is the tre or third member of FGCU's founding line. Her line name is Jirafa, which is giraffe in Spanish. At 5'3, she might not look like she lives up to her name, but giraffes symbolize vulnerability and equality. Chelsey is proud to be Colombian and American and graduated with her B.A. in Communication from FGCU. 

Ysatiz "Hestia" Pinero - 

Ysatiz, or Ysa as we fondly know her, is also a proud Boriqua like Vanessa. Ysa's line name is Hestia, which is the Greek goddess of home and hearth. Like Hestia, Ysa has a motherly nature and always wants to care for others. Ysa is the tail and fourth member of the founding line. In 2010, Ysa was named one of the FGCU Hall of Fame Members.